As your tax agent, we will prepare on your behalf the Company's tax return (Form C with applicable appendices) and a computation of taxable profits with supporting schedules in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act and/or Economic Expansion Incentives Act, as appropriate.

We will also attend to the following:
Filing of notice of estimated chargeable income;

Reviewing and explaining the make-up of tax assessments sent to us directly or by the Company (all payments remain the Company's responsibility); and

Lodging objection to Notices of Assessment or advising of incorrect calculations of chargeable income/loss on assessments sent to us by the Company.

To enable us to lodge valid objections, copies of the Notices of Assessment have to be received by us within 7 days from the dates printed on the Notices.

Additional Services if requested which will be separately charged are:
Goods and services tax returns;

Statutory forms in respect of employee remuneration

Withholding tax on income derived by non-residents

In all, we offer the following tax services:

Corporate tax compliance

Personal Taxation

Tax planning and tax advisory

Tax Appeal

Tax investigation